EVGET Software Solutions was established in 2003, focusing on controls (components and middleware) industry and software industry development consulting, which is the largest control reseller and reusable technology consulting service provider.

We have a wide range of partners all over the world, adding up to more than 200 partners including top control producers in the world. We are devoted to provide world-leading reusable technology and tools for software developer, medium-sized and big enterprises, universities and etc. aiming at promote the common development of state software industry in China.

We are equipped with strong technical capacity, providing services to the software development and application filed of various industries including professional consulting service, technical training, onsite implementation, custom development, solution making and etc for the informatization of medium-sized and big enterprises and the development of software companies. By now, we have served many enterprises for their informatization such as China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Airlines, Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Goodbaby and P&G. And we are the long-term consulting service provider for many software companies like Ufida. We are always dedicated to assist customers to improve their developing efficiency and reduce their developing cost and risk. EVGET's reputation, professionalism and service quality are highly recognized by customers.

"EVGET Controls Website"is a comprehensive controls information platform held by EVGET. As a portal site of control industry in China, it provides the overall and latest controls information for customers. At the same time, it provides an exhibition and promotion platform for excellent control producers. It gives an easy access to look up and get the required information for customers. In addition, EVGET Controls Website has the professional sales representatives and consultants on duty to provide online help service to customers in real time, which will help customers to select the most appropriate product for them and avoid repeated or useless investment to the largest extent.

"EVGET Solutions"is built available with our strong technical capacity and abundant practical experience, serving software development. We provide solutions which are closer to application to software development companies and medium & big sized enterprises in order to help them produce higher quality product at a lower cost. We have advanced universal solutions and software system application solutions. Especially we are able to provide all-round consulting service system which provides consulting services including custom co-development, system integration, onsite implementation and technical training as per the customer's specific requirement so as to meet customer's all requirements on software development in every aspect.

"EVGET Institute"is the first professional control training institute in China which provides excellent and versatile control training, aiming at assisting every customer to make a success of their software project with the least cost and shortest time. EVGET's innovative training model of "Function Lecture + Demo Presentation + Combat Exercise" can help customer save time of control study by more than 30%. We have been in control training for many years with our courses designed according to the possible problem during the actual development. This will help customer improve their developing efficiency by more than 50% and strengthen their developing capacity in practice. Our trainings can be provided in a flexible way such as remote training, onsite training. Typically our veteran trainers can design training course as per your requirement and execute the custom training course, which enables customer to enjoy high-quality systematic training service.

We always pay close attention to and actively promote the development of software industry during our growth. We are on good terms with various software-using entities including enterprises, universities, institutes and software parks. Together with them, we promote the development of reusable technology. Our motto is to assist customer to get success. We believe that the success of industry and/or the success of customer are the real success of EVGET.


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