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12 essential WPF editor controls for rich input (including datepicker and masked textbox) and 15 themes. Part of Grid for WPF.


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WPF / .NET Technology

  • Created entirely for WPF and .NET 3.5, written in C# and XAML.

  • Complete source code of the base controls is available in the Blueprint Edition.

  • XBAP-friendly, CLS compliant. No unsafe blocks are used and no special permissions are required, so they can run within the limited permission set granted to XBAP applications.

  • Support for the WPF command infrastructure.

  • Comprehensive documentation fully integrated into Visual Studio is provided.

  • Support for Right-To-Left and Inking.

  • Support for regional settings including numbers, money type, dates, etc.

  • All error handling works through .NET exception classes.

  • Can also be used in your Windows Forms applications.

Included themed/themable editor controls (7 base controls, 5 derived controls)

  • DatePicker/Calendar: An important editor control not available in WPF.

  • MaskedTextBox: Another important editor control not available in WPF, which specifies a mask format that is applied to the input text.

  • CheckBox: Themed and themable (see Themes section above), unlike the stock WPF control.

  • AutoSelectTextBox: Content is selected when the editor receives focus. The control also performs automatic focus navigation when the caret reaches the end of the text field.

  • ValueRangeTextBox: Adds range validation to ensure that the parsed value that results from the input text is between the MinValue and MaxValues or equal to NullValue. Also verifies the type.

  • NumericTextBox: Specifies what number styles are permitted in the text field.

  • DateTimeTextBox: Provides a date- and time-specific version of the MaskedTextBox that only allows date and time values to be input.

  • Several editors available in the “Advanced Editor Controls” sample:

    • IP address

    • Phone number (North American format)

    • Currency

    • Exponent

    • DateTimeTextBox using ShortDate, ShortTime, ShortDateAndShortTime, and ShortDateAndLongTime formats


Thirteen striking themes in all:

  • Glass, Windows Media Player 11, and Zune

  • Basic Microsoft Windows themes: Classic (NT), Luna (Normal/Olive, Metallic/Silver, Homestead/Blue), Aero (Vista), and Royale (Media Center).

  • Office 2007: Blue, Black, and Silver.

  • 3D view, multi-surface: Chameleon.

Major features

  • Combinability/modularity: Embed controls into one another to create flexible, innovative new controls.

  • Extensibility: All controls can be extended to implement custom features, appearance, and behavior.

  • Full support for WPF data binding.

  • Customizable “today” label in the Calendar.

  • The editors manage “null” and “DbNull” values.

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