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标签:DevExpressJavaScript HTML5移动开发HTML5/JS工业4.0

开发商: DevExpress

当前版本: v20.1.7





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DevExtreme | Angular
  • T678160 - A typo in a code snippet in DevExtreme documentation
DevExtreme Core
  • T676129 - DataGrid - The header filter shows (Blanks) when its data source contains many items
  • T675479 - dxTabs - The noDataText property is not working in Angular
  • T670392 - ODataStore - The byKey function does not parse dot notation in the 'expand' option
  • T668433 - ScrollView - The built-in simulated scrolling mechanism scrolls to many lines if the mouse has non-default scrolling configuration
  • T667657 - SelectBox - The scrolling feature works incorrectly after Angular routing
  • T678195 - TileView - The loading Indicator is always visible if the 'devextreme/integration/jquery' import is added
DevExtreme Data Visualization
  • T677966 - Chart - Bubbles are incorrectly drawn with negative values
  • T677474 - Chart - IE 11 crashes on an attempt to print the widget via the "Print Picture" context menu item
  • T671088 - Chart - Scale Breaks on Bar Chart trigger the "Cannot read property 'toFixed' of null" error
  • T679576 - Chart - Some bars are hidden when breaks are used
  • T677202 - CircularGauge - A scale label is cut
  • T672532 - PieChart - The onLegendClick function contains an empty array of points
  • T677645 - RangeSelector - The disabled property cannot be set in Angular
DevExtreme UI Widgets
  • T672827 - A menu with the enabled adaptivity flickers on resizing the browser window if jQuery.3.3.1 is used
  • T676016 - Accordion - The itemTitleClickevent event fires for the parent accordion if a child accordion's title is clicked
  • T671821 - Accordion widget applies an incorrect font color to an item template's content when the "Green Mist" theme is used
  • T664522 - DataGrid - Header filter popup is open in the top left corner in the FireFox browser
  • T672275 - DataGrid throws the "Illegal Invocation" error when a mobile device simulator is enabled in Chrome under certain conditions
  • T669145 - DateBox - A click on the Today button does not select the today's date when the max field is set to the today's date
  • T673891 - DropDownBox - An editor value cannot be updated after the null value is set
  • T678786 - DxDateBox - The Date control opens the keybord on clicking the date picker on iPhone
  • T669408 - DxPopup renders content twice after the contentTemplate option is changed
  • T643251 - Filtered TagBox selects all elements after selecting items one by one in certain cases
  • T671435 - Form shouldn't reset the "isValid" option on updating "formData" with a value that contains null
  • T671347 - It's impossible to select an item using the "space" key in TagBox and SelectBox
  • T675599 - List - The 'Cannot read property '$element' of undefined' error occurs during keyboard navigation
  • T672162 - List Documentation - The event parameter is missing in the onItemClick reference
  • T674268 - Popup displays cropped title when the window is shown for the first time in an AngularJS app
  • T684346 - Popup unexpectedly loses focus on changing it by the "Tab" key
  • T680199 - RadioGroup - Radio buttons placed into the template are selected after clicking the parent radio button
  • T674238 - RadioGroup is not focused properly using the Tab key
  • T680702 - SelectBox does not properly apply a selected value when the field template is used and search is enabled
  • T670036 - TagBox placed inside the Box widget changes its position when new items are selected
  • T676457 - TagBox throws the "Cannot read property 'text' of undefined" error when the maxDisplayedTags and readOnly options are specified
  • T675713 - TextBox documentation - The focusIn and focusOut events have the same descriptions
  • T680080 - The popup does not take into account the scrolling position of the window when the position option is specified
  • T669836 - The Popup doesn't hide on an outside click if the click's target isn't nested in the document's body

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