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一款全功能的Windows Forms、ASP.NET和MVC报表分析解决方案。


开发商: FastReport

当前版本: v2019.2


产品功能: 报表/







FastReport VCL
FastReport VCL




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  • added monochrome TIFF export
  • added ODBC connection
  • added Excel 2007 export
  • added Functions in the "Data" window
  • added new report objects CellularTextObject, ZipCodeObject
  • added report's Email settings (see Report|Options... menu, "Email" tab)
  • added multi-frame TIFF export
  • added RC4 128-bit encryption in PDF export
  • added "Visible" flag in the highlight editor. Now the highlight condition may hide the object
  • added TextObject's AutoShrink, AutoShrinkMinSize properties
  • added DataBand's RowCount property
  • added ReportPage.ManualBuild event
  • added PictureObject.Angle property
  • added AfterData event to all report objects
  • added CommandTimeout property to all connections
  • added export of watermarks in HTML format
  • added export of underlined TextObject (Underlines = true) in PDF format
  • added Swedish, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Turkish, Spanish localizations
  • added new demo reports in the "Report Objects" category
  • added new demo projects in the Demos folder


  • POSSIBLE BREAKING CHANGE! changes in the business objects engine. See details here:
  • improved performance (loading and running reports with lot of objects)
  • you can use Anchor property of report objects when printing hierarchical bands
  • changed default extension of resulting file in Excel(XML) export from *.xls to*.xml
  • changes in Excel(XML) export added export of numeric values
  • changes in Matrix object
  • improvements in hierarchical reports (header/footers, totals)


  • fixed bug in dialogue forms (switch to the dialog page may throw an exception)
  • fixed bug with Matrix and Table objects (Visible property is not working)
  • fixed bug with MS SQL connection (can't use tables in schemas other than dbo.*)
  • fixed bug in Medium Trust mode
  • fixed bug in business objects (duplicate datasource names)
  • fixed bug in query builder
  • fixed bug with OutlineExpression and RepeatOnEveryPage
  • fixed bug with KeepChild
  • fixed bug in VB.Net report language
  • fixed bug in Viewer.exe (exception if window is too small)
  • fixed bug with selecting Report in the ReportTree in VS design-mode
  • fixed bug when using WebReport with MasterPage
  • fixed bug with RTL in HTML export and WebReport
  • fixed bug with RTL in RichText(rtf) export
  • fixed bug in MS Chart (border width is not scaled properly when printing)
  • fixed bug with preview window's "Search" dialog
  • fixed bug with Nullable column type
  • fixed bug in PDF export when exporting complex fills
  • fixed bug with export different frame styles in XML and RichText formats
  • fixed bug when editing prepared report
  • fixed printing of CellularTextObject
  • fixed bug with dialogue form
  • fixed bug with Entity Framework in ASP.NET mode
  • fixed bug in PageSetup dialog in preview
  • fixed bug with rendering side-by-side Matrix objects
  • fixed bug in Label wizard
  • fixed bug with send email via MAPI

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