ImageGear Medical (产品编号:12879)

一个DICOM工具包,它使您能够以无与伦比的速度创建尖端的可跨平台的(支持Windows、Linux和 Silverlight环境)医疗成像解决方案。


开发商: Accusoft

当前版本: v20.2



平台语言:.NET|Activex & COM


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Adds support for DICOM image files (read, write, edit) to ImageGear. Available for all ImageGear development environments.




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ImageGear Medical--DICOM medical imaging SDK

  • Create and view DICOM files
  • Support both still image and video files
  • Scanning and compression, including PDF
  • Viewing, annotation, and printing 

ImageGear Medical empowers developers to create cutting-edge medical imaging solutions with unparalleled speed and ease across Windows, Linux, and Silverlight environments. It facilitates the rapid development of powerful DICOM-enabled applications used to display, create and edit DICOM medical image files.

ImageGear Medical provides a comprehensive level of control over DICOM files, including support for DICOM waveforms, presentation state DICOM, overlays, and complete grayscale LUT control. Leveraging support for over 100 image formats and the industry’s fastest code, ImageGear Medical is a solid foundation for DICOM application development. 

  • Create DICOM files from any image source
  • Easily control all facets of image display and printing
  • Control over look up tables (LUT) to enhance image display
  • Well-structured API simplifies the reading, writing, and creation of DICOM dataset and elements
  • Robust annotation controls for overlay creation
  • Support DICOM Cine loop, waveforms, and presentation states
  • High-level API minimizes the need for in-depth DICOM knowledge
  • Full-featured file format support including industry-leading vector and 3D PDF/PS support
  • Support ISIS and TWAIN scanning to capture medical documents


  • Allows users to create and view DICOM files
  • Features a high-level product API allowing the details of the DICOM standard to be abstracted, while still allowing complete control over the file content
  • Supports DICOM Cine loop, waveforms, and presentation state DICOM
  • Includes a simplified API for working with the DICOM datasets, while providing complete control over the dataset values
  • Offers options to easily control all facets of image display and printing
  • Robust annotation controls for overlay creation
  • Uses grayscale LUT to enhance x-rays, scans, and more
  • Includes integrated pseudo-coloring which allows for map high level grayscale LUT to 24-bit RGB LUT for display on non-high gray displays
Image Viewing & Display
  • Available for .NET / WinForms / ASP.NET / WPF, Silverlight, and ActiveX / DLL (.NET, Silverlight, and Pro editions)
  • Integrated controls for image scrolling and zooming
  • Apply Anti-Aliasing to smooth the image display
  • A wide array of layout options offer complete control over the image is display
  • High-speed display provides complete control over how your application displays images
  • Shortens development efforts by using GUI functions that simplify the implementation of several sophisticated GUI features
  • Includes GUI features such as common dialogs for image loading, saving, processing, and more
Compression  & File Formats
  • Supports over 100 medical image and document formats, including raster and vector images, DICOM, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PDF, TIFF, HD Photo, Camera RAW, and more
  • Powerful control parameters allow you to control the creation of your file
  • Abstract the details of each DICOM file with an easy to use high-level API
  • Easily works with a wide variety of supported file formats across many bit depths in your applications
  • Converts an image from one format to another with ease
  • Converts bitmap images to scalable, editable images in seconds
  • Easily creates batch conversion processes and eliminates compatibility issues before they arise
Raster Formats:
  • Easily converts to and from various raster image formats, such as TIFF, JPEG, and PDF
  • Quickly converts various images into one standard format for consistent viewing
  • Build applications to convert to and from bitmap images with various bit depths, palettes, and compression and encoding options
Vector Formats:
  • Includes enhanced reading, writing, and rendering of vector images
  • Reads and writes DWG and DXF file formats for release version 16 of AutoCAD, including AutoCAD 2006
  • Creates applications that render 3D wireframe objects
Extensive PDF/PS Support:
  • Support Adobe® PDF v1.7 and PS v3
  • Industry-leading vector and 3D PDF/PS support
  • Read, write, display, and edit PDF content within DICOM Files
  • Offers comprehensive PDF API for native PDF annotations, searchable text, and more
  • Analyze for PDF/A and PDF/X compliancy
  • Learn more about ImageGear PDF support:.NET or ActiveX/Linux/Unix
File Loading and Saving:
  • Supports highly flexible image file reading and writing
  • Enables access to all pages of any multi-page file
  • Offers robust save options for complete format control of all supported formats
  • Delivers fast TIFF and JPEG processing
Document Image Processing & Editing
  • Work with advance filtering including Sharpen, Smooth, and Convolution
  • Easy to use ImageClean™ includes Hole Punch Removal, Line Removal, Dotted Line Removal, Clean Borders, Negate, Auto-Crop, Image Dilation, Erosion, and more
  • Image Correction, such as Despeckle and Deskew
  • Image Maintenance, such as Crop, Resize, Thumbnail Creation, Encryption, and Decryption
  • Mathematical Morphology, including Edge Detection, Noise Removal, Image Enhancement, Image Segmentation, Opening, Closing, and more
  • Image Transformation, such as Rotate
Photo and Color Image Processing & Editing
  • Advanced filtering, including Sharpen, Smooth, and Convolution
  • Advanced Image Processing methods, such as Adjust Brightness and Contrast and Reduce or Promote Bit Depth
  • ICC color profile support allows for accurate color display
  • Pantone channels support for true image representation
  • Image Maintenance, such as Crop, Resize, Thumbnail Creation, Encryption, and Decryption
  • Available for .NET / WinForms / ASP.NET / WPF, Silverlight, and ActiveX / DLL (.NET, Silverlight, and Pro editions)
  • Offers easy to implement UI elements with XML-based annotation for images and medical data
  • Provides comprehensive Annotation Support, including Adding, Editing, Burning-In, and Deleting
  • Contains the Accusoft Redlining Toolkit™ (ART), enabling annotation on images and documents such as Lines, Arrows, Protractors, Rulers, Highlighting, Sticky Notes, and much more
  • Available for .NET / WinForms / ASP.NET / WPF, and ActiveX / DLL (.NET and Pro editions)
  • Overcomes several inherent print driver limitations, ensuring the highest possible print quality
  • Offers capabilities including sizing, color correction, and single or multi-page printing
  • Full support for ISIS and TWAIN scanning
  • Work with multi-page and single page scanning with configurable parameters
TWAIN Scanning:
  • Provides comprehensive support for the latest TWAIN devices including scanners, digital cameras, and video capture boards
  • Works with multi-page and single page scanning, with configurable parameters
  • Easily works with TWAIN v1.6, v1.7, v1.8, and v1.9
  • Quickly defines the TWAIN transfer mode
  • Programatically controls the display of the TWAIN UI
  • Controls all scanner capabilities within your program
ISIS Scanning:
  • Provides complete control over all high-speed ISIS®-driven scanners supported by EMC Corporation’s PixTools®
  • Captures data from paper and electronic documents and deliver it into enterprise applications
  • Manages scanner features, such as Display, File Writing, and Printing

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