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Map Suite GIS Editor for Windows 可以让你设计令人惊叹的自定义地图,可进行地理分析和空间数据可视化。Map Suite GIS Editor功能非常强大,无论是专业的GIS技术人员,还是毫无基础的行外人事,都能轻松地创建地图。GIS编辑器被设计为一个单一应用解决方案,以满足GIS可视化和创造需求。




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Making GIS Easy for Everyone.

Stop wading through cryptic toolbars or scouring nested menus. The GIS Editor's simple ribbon bar interface puts its full complement of GIS tools at your fingertips in an easy-to-understand way. Wizards make short work of batch geoprocessing, geocoding and reprojection operations. And with the built-in Data Repository, you can keep all of your data close at hand, regardless of where it lives.

Map Suite GIS Editor

Map Suite GIS Editor

A Suite of Powerful Mapping Tools.

We don't call it "Map Suite" for nothing. Whether you need to create a map from scratch, edit an existing map or query and select data, Map Suite GIS Editor has the tools you need. You can:

  • Quickly build maps using simple and intuitive tools
  • Visualize data, statistics and trends geographically
  • Design, style and label rich and detailed maps
  • Integrate data from a variety of sources, including Web Map Services
  • Draw right on the map, edit and create feature data
  • Make your maps publication-ready with titles, legends and annotations

Start Using the GIS Editor Right Now, Free.

Download the GIS Editor right away and get full, complimentary access to everything during your evaluation: editing, styling, geoprocessing and more. Afterwards, if you choose to continue using the GIS Editor, you can sign up for a subscription right from within the application. Both monthly and annual plans are available, and you can cancel at any time simply by visiting a web site.

Map Suite GIS Editor

特征 & 功能

  • End-user friendly: Quickly build maps using simple and intuitive tools
  • ake your data seen: Visualize data, statistics and trends geographically
  • owerful styling tools: Design, style and label rich and detailed maps
  • eoprocessing and editing made easy: Ten wizards make complex spatial tasks simple and quick
  • ultiple options for your data sources: Integrate data from a variety of sources, including Web Map Services
  • anipulate your maps easily: Draw right on the map, edit and create feature data
  • ark up and label your maps: Make your maps publication-ready with titles, legends and annotations
  • ou don't have to be a programmer: Wizards make short work of batch geoprocessing, geocoding and reprojection operations

Map Suite GIS Editor截图

Tools At Your Fingertips - Map Suite GIS Editor

Tools At Your Fingertips

The GIS Editor's customizable interface and ribbon bar put the tools of your trade where you need them most. Dockable panels let you put the info that matters in the locations that suit you.

Comprehensive Styling System - Map Suite GIS Editor

Comprehensive Styling System

Exercise full control over styles for every layer, including colors and outlines, patterns, textures, transparency and more. You can even style your map differently depending on the scale.

Style Builder - Map Suite GIS Editor

Style Builder

Composite styles together for the ultimate in control over the appearance of your maps. Leverage the comprehensive Style Library to amass a collection of styles tailor-made for your projects.

Geometry Editing with Shape Operations - Map Suite GIS Editor

Geometry Editing with Shape Operations

While editing, easily combine, union, clip or subtract features using the powerful Shape Operation tools. And for batch jobs, our geoprocessing wizards will do the trick.

Full Support for Raster Imagery - Map Suite GIS Editor

Full Support for Raster Imagery

Add beautiful raster imagery and aerial photography from multiple image format types, including MrSid, GeoTIFF, JPEG2000 and ECW, or display them via a Web Map Service (WMS).

Batch Reprojection - Map Suite GIS Editor

Batch Reprojection

Choose new projections for as many shapefiles as you want and let them run in the background. Interactive wizards make it all accessible.

Tabular Data Editing - Map Suite GIS Editor

Tabular Data Editing

When you need full control over your GIS data, use the data tables to make exacting and precise edits to any feature, or only the features you select using conditional filters.

Thematic Mapping - Map Suite GIS Editor

Thematic Mapping

Use the Class Break, Value or Filter styles to create stunning maps that visually represent your data in a compelling way. You can auto-generate beautiful styles or tweak every aspect by hand.

Flexible Labeling Engine - Map Suite GIS Editor

Flexible Labeling Engine

Data-driven labeling gives you the flexibility to identify anything on the map, even by using custom labels from multiple data fields. Style your label text to further match your visuals.

Interactive Drawing and Snapping - Map Suite GIS Editor

Interactive Drawing and Snapping

Versatile editing tools allow you to adjust your data visually by drawing shapes and editing control points. Precision snapping ensures that everything is always placed right where you want it.

Geoprocessing Wizards - Map Suite GIS Editor

Geoprocessing Wizards

The included full suite of geoprocessing tools allows for comprehensive blending, clipping, dissolving, splitting and more. Wizard-based interfaces make these complex tasks easy.

Easily Manage Data with the Data Repository - Map Suite GIS Editor

Easily Manage Data with Data Repository

Keep all of your data within easy reach using the Data Repository, which lets you connect to multiple folders, WMS servers, base maps and other data sources all in one place.

Legends, Scale Bars and Adornments - Map Suite GIS Editor

Legends, Scale Bars and Adornments

Add the finishing touch to your maps with adornments, including detailed legends, customizable north arrows, titles and graticules.

Measurement Tools - Map Suite GIS Editor

Measurement Tools

Measuring in the GIS Editor is as simple as a mouse click. Draw shapes to measure their length or area, or click on existing features to measure them instantly.

Map Suite GIS Editor v8.0

地图软件Map Suite 更新至v8.0

2014-06-19 17:39:58.000
GIS软件开发包Map Suite 8.0测试版新功能揭秘

ThinkGeo即将发布Map Suite 8.0测试版,包括新增了一些气象相关的API,Map Suite的每日构建在这辞旧迎新之际正在不断升温!

2014-01-23 09:32:47.000
GIS编辑器Map Suite GIS Editor告别公测期

Map Suite GIS Editor告别了持续半年的公测期,迎来Map Suite GIS Editor正式版,正式版增加了云层、支持Microsoft SQL Server、渲染性能得到大幅增强。

2013-09-05 15:32:14.000

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