DevExpress VCL Controls (产品编号:10739)

内含强大的VCL Data Grid,好用的VCL报表工具,灵活的VCL分析工具


开发商: DevExpress

当前版本: v18.2.7










专业的电子表格控件,无需MS Excel也可满足一切Excel表格功能。

DXF Export Java
DXF Export Java

便于开发者创建特色的AutoCAD DXF文件库。


此列表包含了在 v17.2.4中解决的所有问题:

ExpressBars Suite
  • T597083 - Ribbon - The Customization Form's font (MS Sans Serif) doesn't match the Ribbon control's font (Tahoma)
  • T591948 - Ribbon - The scaling factor is not applied to check marks of bar buttons within a subitem's dropdown menu
  • T587700 - Ribbon is incorrectly painted if an application is automatically moved to another monitor in response to turning off the monitor displaying the application in a multiple monitor setup
  • T585934 - Lookup editors with Time list fields always add a date part to displayed texts
  • T594075 - The topmost group row is not displayed if group rows are sorted by summary values
ExpressDocking Library
  • T594591 - The control reserves excessive memory to create a double buffer for drawing on restoring the previously saved control's layout if the current monitor DPI exceeds 96
ExpressEditors Library
  • T588606 - cxLabel - The width is not stored to a DFM file if the AutoSize and Properties.WordWrap properties are set to True
  • T573801 - TcxCheckGroup stores the default EditValue property value to a DFM file
  • T596776 - TcxCustomComboBox descendants - An incorrect AIndex parameter value is passed to a Properties.OnDrawItem event handler if the Properties.IncrementalFiltering property is set to True
  • T595989 - TcxCustomEdit descendants - Creating and assigning the Parent property in a TForm.OnCreate event handler are significantly slower compared with v16.2
  • T587575 - TcxGrid, TcxPivotGrid, and TcxDBPivotGrid - Displaying a filter drop-down window in a form created by referencing the desktop window via the WndParent field brings the main window to the front
  • T565945 - TcxShellBrowserDialog - Add a property that returns the current shell item's identifier (PIDL)
  • T592277 - TdxCameraControl doesn't apply antialiasing when scaling output frames
  • T598760 - The "Control has no parent window" exception occurs when invoking TdxColorDialog in RAD Studio 10 Seattle or later on a computer running Windows 7 or later
ExpressExport Library
  • T597759 - Export to Excel - Excel-compatible cell editors export their NULL values as empty strings if True is passed as the AUseNativeFormat parameter to an export method
ExpressLayout Control
  • T589203 - A layout control's OccupiedClientWidth property returns the OccupiedClientHeight property value
  • T511244 - Add the capability to customize content offsets in tabbed group pages using the LayoutLookAndFeel.Offsets options
  • T590000 - An AV occurs when assigning a value to the LayoutLookAndFeel property in a TdxLayoutControl descendant's constructor
  • T570683 - Layouts containing a number of hidden groups are loaded very slowly
  • T596692 - Performance issues when a TdxForm scales a layout control containing a number of TdxLayoutLabeledItems whose CaptionOptions.WordWrap property is set to True

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专业的电子表格控件,无需MS Excel也可满足一切Excel表格功能。

DXF Export Java

便于开发者创建特色的AutoCAD DXF文件库。

DevExpress VCL Controls

内含强大的VCL Data Grid,好用的VCL报表工具,灵活的VCL分析工具

DevExpress Universal Subscription



一款全功能的Windows Forms、ASP.NET和MVC报表分析解决方案。

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