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产品类型: 控件 产品功能: 用户界面 平台语言: .NET 源码: 提供源码 产品编号: 10740

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Data Access Library
  • T665598 - ExcelDataSource - ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown on reading an XLSX file that contains an empty Style Sheet
  • T663397 - FilterEditorControl - Unbound columns are not taken into account in autocomplete window and during validation
  • T666536 - SqlDataSource - The XPO-based query logging functionality does not work (the TraceListener issue)
  • T662666 - Support .NET Core 2.0 for the Google BigQuery data provider
  • T656704 - Web Dashboard - The DataSource name is trimmed if the name was with empty space on initializing the source
DXEditors for WPF
  • T660825 - A DX theme is not properly applied to standard ProgressBars
  • T659168 - CameraControl - The colon symbol is missing in the Desaturate label in the Settings window
  • T664491 - ComboBoxEdit with ValueMember and EditValue binding to a non-nullable enum property causes a memory leak
  • T663466 - ComboBoxEdit's incremental search isn't reset when the ItemsSource property is reassigned
  • T660888 - ComboBoxEdit's value cannot be changed if the editor is populated with ComboBoxEditItems after updating to 18.1.5
  • T652086 - DateEdit does not reset the EditValue property to null if the AllowNullInput property is set to True and the current text is deleted using the Backspace or Delete keys
  • T654826 - HyperLinkEdit - The foreground color is shown incorrectly for different EditModes in themes such as Office2016White and Office2016Black
  • T647520 - LookUpEdit - The search panel of the drop-down grid is unpredictably cleared when changing the ItemsSource collection
  • T666333 - PopupColorEdit - How to remember colors chosen last time
  • T667029 - ProgressBarEdit - A part of the editor text is of an incorrect color when it is in ScrollViewer
  • T665466 - RangeControl - The start week day is incorrect when using the WeekIntervalFactory
  • T666043 - RangeControl not selecting correct data range
  • T542428 - The Left padding is missing in LookUpEdit when its StyleSettings is set to SearchTokenLookUpEditStyleSettings
  • T665660 - The LongestTextFormat property of WeekIntervalFactory is empty
  • T641497 - The right border is not shown in ComboBoxEdit when the control occupies all the available space of its container
  • T638895 - The right border thickness is incorrect in editors with the DropDown button
  • T667024 - ToggleSwitchEdit - The IsReadOnly property does not work
  • T664923 - UnauthorizedAccessException is raised in CameraControl when the "Allow apps to access your camera" option is disabled

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