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产品类型: 控件 产品功能: 用户界面 平台语言: .NET 源码: 提供源码 产品编号: 10740
  • 当前版本:v17.1.4 [销售以商家最新版为准,如需其他版本,请来电咨询]
  • 开  发 商:DevExpress 唯一独家代理

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  • T532107 - NuGet Packages - The XtraWizard assembly is not available in packages
  • T521975 - The New Skin Editor does not take the Copy ScaledInfo form template setting into account
  • T451929 - VS2017 RC Support: Availability of the "New LINQ to SQL data source" option in WinForms and WPF Data Source Configuration Wizards should depend on Visual Studio configuration
All ASP.NET Controls
  • T515324 - The order and IDs of runtime resources are undetermined and can lead to an exception on loading the resource content
  • T519949 - Touch UI - The scrolling functionality does not work correctly on iOS devices
All WinForms Controls
  • T518876 - Context Button Designer - It is impossible to set the Tag property
  • T522400 - SkinEditor - A part of DPI-specific skin images is lost during saving the skin project to the blob file
  • T517149 - SkinEditor - Controls are incorrectly arranged and preview windows are incorrectly drawn on resizing the main window or its parts
  • T517422 - SkinEditor - NullReferenceException is thrown when the colorization mode is set but there is no selected project
  • T526418 - The FilterCriteriaInvalidExpressionEx string does not contain the {0} character
  • T507259 - The Skin Editor tool incorrectly displays an image placed in WaitForm if this image was modified
  • T522341 - The ToolTip width isn't changed proportionally in different DPI settings
  • T300571 - WorkspaceManager - Take layout settings of controls into account
All WPF Controls
  • T516457 - The combo box shows the dropdown when it's clicked if the MetropolisDark theme is applied
  • T520311 - The dx:ThemeManager.ThemeName property doesn't affect controls in Visual Studio's designer
  • T369584 - The NullReferenceException occurs when the QualifiedImage extension is used within a resource or style
  • T510059 - ASP.NET DevExpress controls are not registered correctly in the VB version of DocumentServerWebDemo in VS 2017
  • T520459 - ASPxGridView - Context Menu demo - Icons are missing in the Export sub menu
  • T518337 - Source code of DevExpress.Web.DemoData.dll is missing in demos installed locally

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