DevExpress VCL Controls (产品编号:10739)

内含强大的VCL Data Grid,好用的VCL报表工具,灵活的VCL分析工具


开发商: DevExpress

当前版本: v19.1.3







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BCGControlBar Professional Edition for MFC
BCGControlBar Professional Edition for MFC


WebGrid Enterprise
WebGrid Enterprise




ExpressBars Suite
  • T651477 - Ribbon - Popup menu separators are not displayed if the Bezier skin is in effect
  • T647332 - Ribbon - The Application Button's caption is not vertically aligned with tab captions if the ribbon control's Style property is set to a value other than rs2007
ExpressEditors Library
  • T647030 - TcxCustomDropDownEdit descendants - It is impossible to change the dropdown button's default glyph
  • T619298 - TcxShellTreeView - In certain cases, an AV occurs on entering the "Documents" folder by using the editor's Path property
  • T641833 - TdxDBBreadcrumbEdit - Calling the Insert procedure of the editor's underlying data set has no effect
ExpressEntityMapping Framework
  • T646569 - A type conversion error occurs when obtaining a Firebird database's schema that includes views
  • T648935 - The "Connection is busy with results for another hstmt" error occurs when accessing a remote SQL Server
  • T650514 - The session component's Find method returns an entity object that corresponds to a deleted database record
ExpressLayout Control
  • T647848 - The offset between the bottom border of a layout group and its content is calculated incorrectly in all skins that display the group caption as a separate section
  • T592109 - Mail Client demo - Scrolling the mail folders list results in incorrect positioning of badge adorners
ExpressPivotGrid Suite
  • T651619 - An AV occurs when closing an application that displays the Customization Form whose site resides in a layout control
  • T650883 - TcxDBPivotGrid - Opening a dataset bound to pivot grid fields displayed in the Customization Form doesn't update their captions
  • T647855 - The locked state image is not displayed for a pivot grid containing grouped fields
ExpressQuantumGrid Suite
  • T648716 - All Views except Chart - Calling the View's Controller.ShowFindPanel procedure within the parent form's OnShow event handler do not focus the Find Panel if the View's FindPanel.DisplayMode property is fpdmAlways
  • T620521 - Binding the same dataset's lookup field to multiple Data Grid controls simultaneously can result in errors
  • T646647 - Chart View - The View has an incorrect background color when a skin is used
  • T649303 - Table and Banded Table Views - A collapsed group is displayed twice if there are no other groups in the View and its OptionsBehavior.FixedGroups property is True
  • T645927 - Table and Banded Table Views - In-place Edit Form - Switching the form layout from default to custom saves an incorrect root group name in a DFM file
  • T488281 - Table View - The top unscrollable portion of the View flickers while the content is being scrolled down by more rows than it is currently visible
  • T649142 - Table View - The View continues to reserve space for the vertical hybrid scrollbar after the control's height is increased to fit View's content vertically if View's OptionsView.ColumnAutoWidth property is set to True
  • T650737 - The Quick Column Customization popup menu is built slowly in certain cases
  • T647337 - WinExplorer View - Visual style settings assigned via the View item's Styles.Content property are displayed incorrectly


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BCGControlBar Professional Edition for MFC


WebGrid Enterprise




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