DevExpress VCL Controls (产品编号:10739)


内含强大的VCL Data Grid,好用的VCL报表工具,灵活的VCL分析工具


开发商: DevExpress

当前版本: v19.1.5







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BCGControlBar Professional Edition for MFC
BCGControlBar Professional Edition for MFC


WebGrid Enterprise
WebGrid Enterprise




ExpressBars Suite
  • T714000 - Ribbon - TdxRibbonGalleryItem - The gallery does not update its content on switching a filter option if the gallery size isn't changed
  • T706268 - Starting a drag operation over a bar button whose RepeatClick property is set to True, ending the operation outside the active bar control, and then quickly clicking the bar button again causes an exception
  • T713673 - The Customize dialog does not display a dropdown button for a large bar button whose ButtonStyle property is set to bsDropDown
  • T706004 - Toolbars embedded in the TdxBarDockControl component are rearranged at runtime
ExpressDocking Library
  • T718742 - A floating dock panel's left and/or top edge is not shown when the panel is maximized and dragged between monitors with different DPI values
ExpressEditors Library
  • T716106 - An AV occurs on calling the cxDrawRichEdit function whose optional ScaleFactor parameter is omitted or set to nil
  • T713804 - An in-place cxRichEdit editor wraps the cell content if the Properties.WordWrap property is set to False
  • T718239 - cxLabel - An editor truncates its growing caption and displays an ellipsis instead of automatic label width increase if both the AutoSize and Properties.ShowEndEllipsis properties are True
  • T707827 - cxTextEdit - The Ctrl+A key combination sets the EditModified property to True
  • T713041 - TcxCustomComboBox and descendants - An AV occurs when the Style.LookAndFeel.ScrollbarMode property is set to a value that does not match the setting specified via the TcxDefaultEditStyleController component
  • T709941 - TcxCustomTextEdit and descendants - It is impossible to enter a decimal separator into an editor with a negative edit value in a 64-bit application built with RAD Studio 10.3 Rio
  • T705836 - The EVariantTypeCastError exception occurs when the OnValidate event handler returns the Null Variant value as the DisplayValue var parameter
ExpressExport Library
  • T716498 - Export - ExportGridDataTo~ procedures apply the background color from the control's look & feel settings to the exported cell content
ExpressLayout Control
  • T715361 - An AV occurs on calling a layout item's PutIntoHiddenGroup function
  • T705394 - The "List index out of bounds" exception occurs on pressing the Tab key to navigate between tabbed layout groups if the OptionsItem.AutoControlTabOrders property is False
  • T713699 - SVG Images - The "Invalid operation in GDI+ (Code 3)" exception occurs on painting an image with a zero length gradient
  • T715906 - TdxScreenTipRepository - A ScreenTip's width is not scaled based on a DPI value
  • T716172 - Unloading a DLL built without runtime packages causes an AV if the DLL includes a TcxGrid control whose TcxGridTableOptionsView.HeaderFilterButtonShowMode is fbmSmartTag or fbmDefault if TouchMode is disabled
  • T714573 - A page stops rendering its content on reading an unmasked inline image
  • T711085 - An image copied to the clipboard is cropped to fit it into page margins
  • T711850 - The "Argument out of range" exception occurs on loading a document including a "Pages" node whose "Type" field is blank
ExpressPivotGrid Suite
  • T719303 - Advanced Customization Form - Glyphs located next to area labels provide context menus 
  • T714006 - Export to XLS or XLSX - The cxExportPivotGridDataToExcel procedure does not export data field headers if no column fields are displayed
  • T717427 - Memory leaks on closing an application whose MDI child window displays the pivot grid and its Customization Form
ExpressPrinting System
  • T595258 - An AV occurs on an attempt to retrieve settings of a disabled network printer in certain cases
  • T714145 - PDF Export - The footer/header text is cropped if system DPI exceeds 120
  • T709360 - Spreadsheet report links - A report link associated with the TdxSpreadSheet control always implicitly includes the dxSpreadSheetReportDesigner unit into an application project
  • T710722 - TdxGridReportLink - A printed grid column with the RichEdit properties ignores the Grid View's OptionsView.CellAutoHeight property value
  • T711704 - TdxGridReportLink - An AV occurs on building a report with an empty cell in a grid column with the RichEdit properties
ExpressQuantumGrid Suite
  • T712766 - Master-Detail - In Grid mode, a detail View whose DataController.DetailKeyFieldNames or DataController.MasterKeyFieldNames property is set to an empty string does not load data
  • T708947 - Table and Banded Table Views - The mouse wheel scrolls data records while an in-place cell editor is active if the "Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them" mouse option is disabled under Windows 10
ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite
  • T712914 - The content cannot be scrolled in a tree list whose OptionsBehavior.AlwaysShowEditor property is set to True if an in-place editor is currently active
ExpressRichEdit Control
  • T703583 - 32-bit Clang-enhanced C++ compilers cannot compile the Rich Edit control's units in RAD Studio 10.3 Rio
ExpressScheduler Suite
  • T714472 - Switching the current time zone using the OptionsView.CurrentTimeZone property doesn't reposition events
  • T714403 - The "H2164 Variable 'XXX' is declared but never used in 'TcxSchedulerExternalSkinPainter.DrawShadow'" hint is displayed when compiling the dxSkinscxSchedulerPainter unit
  • T708618 - Weeks View - A weeklong range cannot be selected in TdxRangeControl linked to the scheduler whose ViewWeek.CanShow property is set to False
ExpressSkins Library
  • T716835 - A gallery item caption blends with the background if the "TheBezier" skin is applied and one of its dark-colored themes is in effect
  • T716619 - An AV occurs on an attempt to click a cell to add or change a cell reference within an active in-place cell editor if the editor is outside the visible worksheet area
  • T711728 - An Esc key press closes a modal form with a spreadsheet control on it instead of an in-place editor or its AutoComplete dropdown window if the form has a button whose Cancel property is True
  • T717080 - Memory corruption can occur on parsing a custom cell formatting pattern with a date and/or time macro
  • T712838 - Page Setup dialog - The localized dialog displays scrollbars if the monitor DPI exceeds 96
  • T717901 - Text in a confirmation message box invoked by the SetPrintArea command (TAction object) for a single selected cell cannot be localized
  • T712778 - The "Out of resources" exception occurs on an attempt to select an entire row or column if the system color depth is less than 24-bit
  • T710710 - The control does not paint the selection rectangle created after another selection rectangle whose either absolute dimension exceeds 32000 pixels
  • T716851 - The custom text color applied to an RTF-formatted cell content changes to the default color on invoking an in-place cell editor
ExpressVerticalGrid Suite
  • T707893 - A click on a cell editor's horizontal edge discards the changes if the OptionsBehavior.AlwaysShowEditor property is set to True

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DevExpress VCL Controls

内含强大的VCL Data Grid,好用的VCL报表工具,灵活的VCL分析工具



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