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开发商: LMD Innovative

当前版本: v2019.12





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LMD-Tools 是一套集成了400多个纯VCL控件的产品界面集合,你可以完全免费的使用并集成到你的应用程序中发布。其中包括了Buttons, Dialogs, Multimedia, System, Data-aware, Container, Standard, Label, and Extended controls等控件。




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  Boost your productivity!

Discover the most extensive and powerful productivity set available! Whatever you want to develop, LMD-Tools is the real thing. This toolbox provides easy-to-use components for all the power you want to implement in your projects. Furthermore LMD-Tools controls provide unique features you won't find in any other component suite.

Since Delphi 1 LMD-Tools represents a component suite which was dedicated to offer flexible components of superior qualitaty for a broad range of development tasks. You can trust this continuity in the future, too.

  Never too much of a good thing...

LMD-Tools covers more than 430 components for any task you can imagine. Following component groups are only examples for the broad range of available components: LMD Tools includes controls for superior interface design, system programming, file controls, database applications, internet-/web-components, multimedia, text/data input (RichEdit), display of formatted text and many more.

Most of the visual components support transparency, advanced font effects (3D, outline, ..), different backgrounds or -effects. In latest version an integrated parser supports display of formatted text (e.g. HTML) for many controls.

All together, they form a solid base for your development.

  Finish your projects in record time!

We did not only create a large component suite: We want to help you to achive your development goals fast and comfortable as well. Therefore almost all components provide component editors allowing fast access to the most important properties. Manipulate common used objects via extended property editors. Check out this unique feature!

  Enjoy the object oriented style of LMD-Tools!

Many components are based on a small number of carefully created objects which are used repeatedly in various components. Cut your learning curve: Acquire knowledge of such an object once and be familiar immediately with a broad range of components which use this object.

  Team work inside!

Working in a team is more efficient. Realizing this, we made our components and data containers know each other and work with each other. The result: everything fits together really well. Be suprised of what is possible!

  Key Features
  • More than 450 components for various development tasks
  • Full sourcecode of complete library
  • MegaDemo project containing more than 200 single projects
  • PrintPack, PlugInPack, InspectorPack, RichPack, ShellPack and SysPack bonus packages included
  • ChartPack, DockingPack, BarPack, StoragePack, FxPack, TextPack and WebPack included
  • More than 100 component and property editors
  • Supports Delphi/C++ Builder Release 6 or better (including VCL.NET personalities), including Turbo 2006 releases
  • Includes a 8.X Professional License for Delphi/C++ Builder 5 support.
  • Includes a 5.X License for Delphi/C++ Builder 3+4 support.
  • Includes a 3.5 License for Delphi 1+2 support.
  • English online help files for BDS/Delphi/C++ Builder integration
  • Free updates for all versions 10.X via Internet
  • Free technical support via supportsite, newsgroups, e-mail, or fax.
  • Also available as part of LMD VCL Complete
LMD-Tools v2019.12


2020-03-03 10:29:08.000
LMD-Tools v2019.9

LMD-Tools v2019.9发布,改进/更新TLMDStatusBar控件!

2019-09-02 18:05:42.000

本文主要介绍了LMD-Tools v2019.7的更新内容。

2019-06-19 14:14:34.723
VCL界面组件LMD Tools 2014.3支持Delphi/C++ XE6

VCL界面组件LMD VCL Complete更新至2014.3,正式支持Delphi/C++ XE6,还有其他多个更新和修复。

2014-05-12 15:13:41.000

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慧都网友 2013-10-17 11:33:01.000

LMD Tools 就像报表工具Quickreport 和图形工具TeeChart一样,使用的时侯根本感觉不到它是第三方提供的工具

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