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产品类型: 控件 产品功能: 用户界面/IDE 平台语言: .NET 源码: 提供源码 产品编号: 13150
  • 当前版本:v17.1.6 [销售以商家最新版为准,如需其他版本,请来电咨询]
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Data Grid
  • T546870 - Band columns of the third level are added in an incorrect order
  • T539602 - dxDataGrid - A loading panel is not displayed during long CRUD operations
  • T539721 - dxDataGrid - An error border is not displayed for a cell with editCellTemplate when navigation was performed on a mouse click in batch editing mode
  • T519926 - dxDataGrid - Column hiding works incorrectly if columnAutoWidth is false and some columns have fixed width
  • T544400 - dxDataGrid - Custom Header Filter item selection is not cleared, which leads to desyncronization of the filter state
  • T547660 - dxDataGrid - Focus is moved to the "expand" button in the master record instead of moving to the next row's editor of the editable cell
  • T541129 - dxDataGrid - Overwrites a new row in Batch Editing mode if one of the newly added rows was removed
  • T539632 - dxDataGrid - The header's "Select All" checkbox becomes frozen after being clicked several times when the deferred selection mode is used
  • T546876 - dxDataGrid - The onCellClick handler is not executed when the 'Select All' checkbox is clicked
  • T541916 - dxDataGrid - There is no option to implement custom sorting when data items contain culture-specific characters
  • T534772 - dxDataGrid - Unnecessary space appears after editing is canceled if an adaptive row has long content
  • T538579 - dxDataGrid displays duplicate rows when virtual scrolling is used
  • T544647 - dxDataGrid does not recalculate summaries on editing when row selection is enabled
  • T551304 - dxDataGrid hides updated rows when virtual scrolling is enabled under certain conditions
  • T542359 - dxDataGrid shows the loading indicator when no data is loading and the state storing option is enabled
  • T539954 - dxDataGrid\dxTreeList - The oldData parameter is undefined if validationRules and showEditorAlways are enabled
  • T541798 - Sorting by the lookup column's displayExpr applied using the calculateSortValue function does not work for the first time
  • T547372 - The onSelectionChanged handler provides wrong selection results when the "Select All" checkbox is unchecked and a filter is applied
  • T548906 - The pager switches back to the first page when navigating to the next page if virtual scrolling is used
Data Visualization
  • T548860 - dxChart - Hiding a scrollbar hides x-axis labels
  • T545134 - dxChart does not center all rotated point labels under certain conditions
  • T547233 - dxChart: html property is missing from the customizeTooltip return value in TypeScript definitions
  • T543486 - dxPivotGrid - There is no value axis in the integrated Chart when only one series is generated
  • T543241 - The "getFullYear is not a function" error occurs if the chart data source is set at runtime
  • T543309 - The DevExpress.viz.exportFromMarkup method does not export all information from the footer
  • T547690 - Treemap tile labels disappear in certain situations
DevExtreme | DevExtreme (ASP.NET MVC)
  • T541502 - External templates specified as "JS" don't work
DevExtreme Core
  • T536631 - Correct the dxRadioGroup Overview demo since it uses a protected property
  • T539880 - dxChart throws the 'Expected length, "NaN"' error after zooming and scrolling
  • T539633 - dxDataGrid - Search Panel with Row Template displays a part of the angular expression
  • T542570 - dxDataGrid - 'Unspecified network error' on navigation to another page while the data source is loading
  • T540650 - dxSelectBox - It's impossible to reset a value for the second time if acceptCustomValue and fieldTemplate are enabled
  • T542335 - It is impossible to get the itemIndex parameter if an item template is specified using the MVVM approach
  • T542284 - It is impossible to simultaneously change several options of a widget in an Angular app at runtime
DevExtreme Demos
  • T538975 - Make the Angular Cell Editing and Editing API demo compile locally

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