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Data Grid
  • T626571 - A validation message is shown many times if DataGrid works in virtual mode

  • T616780 - Can't resize a fixed column if resizing is not enabled for the next fixed column

  • T624036 - DataGrid - Calling editRow after filtering throws the "Cannot read property 'data' of undefined" error

  • T606935 - DataGrid - Header cells are sometimes misaligned with grid content if horizontal scrolling is enabled on 200 dpi screens

  • T618230 - DataGrid - It is necessary to keep the column size with the disabled allowResizing field

  • T621152 - DataGrid - The columnOption method sets an option for a wrong column when using multi-row columns

  • T627738 - DataGrid - The format option is not taken into account on exporting to Excel if it's specified as a function

  • T627688 - DataGrid - The getCellElement method returns an incorrect cell element in "form" editing mode if the visible column option is disabled

  • T622771 - DataGrid - The Lookup column option setting operates incorrectly if the grid contains banded columns

  • T616759 - DataGrid - The title element is generated for HTML in the masterDetail template

  • T620172 - DataGrid changes the pageSize option if the option value is zero when the state storing is enabled

  • T617685 - DataGrid displays an incorrect number of records if the widget is grouped by three or more columns and groupPaging is enabled

  • T629585 - DataGrid displays data incorrectly when records are grouped by a field that has the 'null' value in several records

  • T614958 - Documentation - Add a note that relative column width is not appropriate for fixed columns in DataGrid

  • T615278 - dxDataGrid - The "Select all" checkbox has a wrong value in deferred selection mode

  • T622253 - dxDataGrid freezes on scrolling when a column with the specified datatype has a null value

  • T620278 - Excel crashes when using Excel's 'Text to Columns' functionality in the exported file

  • T624124 - Menu placed in the DataGrid cell template displays the Down arrow after upgrade to 17.2.7

  • T615903 - The "Cannot create property 'summary' on string 'success'" error occurs when the infinite scrolling is used and the grid gets its data source from an AJAX request

  • T618080 - The Grid adds unnecessary group footer rows for summaries when infinite scrolling is used

Data Visualization
  • T626652 - Chart - A stacked spline area shows an extra series

  • T620010 - dxChart - Points are not connected in the Range Area series

  • T629169 - PieChart - Elements' order differs form the underlying datasource items' order

  • T618473 - PieChart - Label connectors cross other labels if resolveLabelOverlapping is "shift" in certain scenarios

  • T621507 - PieChart - Label text is cut off

  • T629067 - The Chart does not calculate its initial value axis range correctly

DevExtreme Core
  • T626006 - A typescript definition is wrong for the base64_encode method after upgrading to version 17.2.7

  • T603117 - Documentation - Add a note that localization keys should not be used from JS

  • T623796 - NumberBox - Standard formats incorrectly work when Globalize is included

  • T601350 - NumberBox with the format option specified works incorrectly if the Poland locale is applied using Intl

  • T622196 - Template methods don't replace previously set values

  • T627015 - The Promise.catch callback function is not called when the ODataStore.insert method fails

  • T614207 - The 'valueChanges' event unexpectedly fires when a reactive form is used with the DxTextBox component


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