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BCGControlBar Professional Edition for MFC
BCGControlBar Professional Edition for MFC


WebGrid Enterprise
WebGrid Enterprise



Data Grid
  • T622126 - Bootstrap 4 styles break the Data Grid edit commands

  • T384179 - DataGrid - A column is not hidden in adaptive mode (columnHidingEnabled) when adjacent columns have width specified in percent

  • T632621 - DataGrid - A fixed column shrinks beyond minWidth when columnResizingMode is a widget and the grid has no horizontal scrollbar

  • T636978 - DataGrid - Column Chooser with a large column list has a noticeable search input lag (slow performance)

  • T633033 - DataGrid - Columns passed to the customizeExportData callback do not correspond to the values parameter of each row

  • T637302 - DataGrid - Column-specific filterOperations are not applied to an embedded FilterBuilder

  • T639390 - DataGrid - Filtering does not work when banded/grouped columns are used

  • T646013 - DataGrid - FilterPanel - The "$(...).trigger is not a function" error occurs on an attempt to click outside a popup window if "Any of" is used

  • T629814 - DataGrid - It is impossible to reset the column filter after page refresh if stateStoring is enabled

  • T641707 - DataGrid - Single selection doesn't work if columnRenderingMode and rowRenderingMode are set to 'virtual'

  • T643403 - DataGrid - stateStoring - Сolumn filters don't work when customLoad is used

  • T629168 - DataGrid - The "Cannot read property 'onResize' of null" error is thrown

  • T642913 - DataGrid - The "Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined" error occurs on an attempt to use the Filter Builder when the first column does not contain the dataField option

  • T636976 - DataGrid - The "Cannot set property 'paginate' of undefined" error on an attempt to load the previous state if a column's Header Filter has a custom dataSource and the Filter Panel is enabled

  • T646561 - DataGrid - The allowFiltering option has no effect for FilterPanel in version 18.1.4-pre-18164

  • T638267 - DataGrid - The 'No function signature for the function with name 'substringof'...' error message is shown if search is performed in a popup filter window and an oData source is used

  • T633351 - DataGrid - The Revert button doesn't cancel changes for columns bound to a field of a complex property

  • T636223 - DataGrid - The row.isEditing parameter of the onCellPrepared event handler has an incorrect value under certain conditions

  • T628708 - DataGrid - Validated rows cannot be scrolled

  • T623492 - DataGrid bound to CustomStore omits data under certain conditions when remote operations are enabled

  • T642034 - DataGrid does not allow selecting rows properly when a row template with several tr tags is used

  • T630253 - DataGrid does not handle the error when DataSource is assigned

  • T631975 - DataGrid does not render the required mark in the Edit Form even if the required validation rule of a column is enabled

  • T640923 - DataGrid does not show a bottom border for the Filter Panel if showBorders is true

  • T635322 - DataGrid does not show the Error Row when updated values are invalid in the last row

  • T621703 - DataGrid does not switch a cell to Editing mode under certain conditions when the editCell method is called in the onContentReady event handler

  • T620368 - DataGrid does not validate hidden columns

  • T619902 - DataGrid inside Popup with Form is rendered incorrectly in IE

  • T645436 - DataGrid is not filtered if the rowRenderingMode property is set to 'virtual'

  • T643785 - DataGrid refreshes when a user clicks command column links if Angular Router is used

  • T634232 - DataGrid renders duplicated groups when infinite scrolling is enabled and data are grouped on the client side

  • T642824 - DataGrid throws the "Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined" TypeError when state storing and filtering are used

  • T603011 - DataGrid works slowly in IE on column resizing and reordering

  • T637706 - dxDataGrid - Edit form is not opened on the "Add Row" button click when the editing.mode option is changed to "popup" in the initNewRow event handler

  • T639124 - dxDataGrid - The cursor disappears in an autofilter row when a filter is applied if the columnAutoWidth property is enabled

  • T619069 - dxDataGrid - The grid doesn't fully clear the applied filter when resetting the grid's state in certain scenarios

  • T629003 - The "Maximum call stack size exceeded" error occurs on an attempt to filter a lookup column using the Header Filter

  • T620297 - The ColorBox preview overlaps its text in a grid cell

  • T641332 - The columnAutoWidth option does not work in the detail grid in version 18.1

  • T636146 - The rowInserted and rowRemoved events are not raised when the state storing is enabled in AngularJS

  • T639160 - The selection column collapses when an empty DataGrid is shown in the Safari browser in an iframe

Data Visualization
  • T633404 - Chart - Wrong export result when the chart has a multi-line title

  • T638825 - dxChart - Bar Chart - It is impossible to handle a double click event

  • T639449 - dxChart - Console warnings don't stop when the onIncidentOccurredFunction event is handled

  • T617674 - Vector map - Marker color does not reflect the layer.palette

DevExtreme Core
  • T637662 - DevExtreme Bundler does not work with Webpack 4

  • T631456 - List - The onItemReordered event handler is missing the itemData argument in Angular

  • T637880 - ODataStore - The byKey request adds the "?" symbol to the URL if jQuery is not used

  • T627023 - ODataStore - The Promise.then callback function should accept a single parameter

  • T628302 - SPA - Views - A cached view is not disposed of when the cache is cleared

  • T613738 - The "Interface 'DOMComponentOptions' incorrectly extends interface 'ComponentOptions'" error message is shown with TypeScript 2.6

  • T640895 - The form does not validate items if the ngIf directive is applied to an item in an Angular app

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DevExpress VCL Controls

内含强大的VCL Data Grid,好用的VCL报表工具,灵活的VCL分析工具

DevExpress Analytics Dashboard




eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO)


DevExpress DataExplorer for iOS 7


Kendo UI Support for React

支持React Javascript框架,更快地构建更好的应用程序。

Kendo UI for jQuery


Kendo UI for Angular

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DevExpress VCL Controls

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