DevExtreme Complete Subscription (产品编号:13150)

性能最优的HTML5,CSS和JavaScript移动、Web开发框架,是Visual Studio开发人员开发跨平台产品的首选工具

标签:DevExpressJavaScript HTML5移动开发HTML5/JS工业4.0

开发商: DevExpress

当前版本: v19.2.5







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BCGControlBar Professional Edition for MFC
BCGControlBar Professional Edition for MFC


WebGrid Enterprise
WebGrid Enterprise



IDE Integration
  • T666351 - "Add DevExtreme to project/Upgrade Devextreme resources" is missing in Visual Studio 2017 ( version 15.8.1 ) for MVC Core projects
  • T653484 - Errors on adding DevExtreme to an existing ASP DevExpress MVC project
  • T645013 - MVC - .NET framework version selector appears when a .NET core project template is selected
Data Grid
  • T668458 - DataGrid - A nested group is not aligned properly on being expanded and collapsed if the autoExpandAll option is disabled
  • T664284 - DataGrid - A Tabbed item that resides in the Popup Editing Form is not hidden at runtime in an Angular app
  • T661049 - DataGrid - calculateCellValue does not raise when Tab is pressed
  • T659247 - DataGrid - Column headers are not aligned with data cells if columns don't occupy the whole widget width and columnAutoWidth is enabled
  • T641931 - DataGrid - Content is rendered partially when rowRenderingMode is set to virtual and scrolling mode is set to infinite
  • T667278 - DataGrid - Editor that resides in a cell template does not allow typing text when it is selected using a double-click in IE 11
  • T665581 - DataGrid - Filter Panel displays the "Is Any Of 'undefined'" string if the "Any Of" operator is applied for a lookup column
  • T665465 - DataGrid - Filter Row - The caret automatically goes to the start after typing in IE
  • T612276 - DataGrid - Grouped rows are rendered incorrectly when the rowAlternationEnabled option is enabled
  • T642648 - DataGrid - It is impossible to get groupIndex in the calculateCustomSummary callback function
  • T655083 - DataGrid - Records are rendered incorrectly when using knockout components within cell templates    
  • T647602 - DataGrid - Scroll bar position is reset after scrolling if there is a DevExtreme widget on a page
  • T663887 - DataGrid - The Between filter does not work if a column uses calculateCellValue and the dataField property is not defined
  • T622515 - DataGrid - The column reordering is slow in IE/Edge
  • T667936 - DataGrid - The filter operations list in the Filter Row is not adjusted if the column's data type is changed at runtime
  • T644753 - DataGrid - The filter popup scrolls the page
  • T657041 - DataGrid - The filter row editor loses its focus when a filter is applied and the filter panel is visible
  • T658855 - DataGrid - The first cell is not highlighted if the Tab key is pressed first
  • T656376 - DataGrid - The onRowUpdating event is raised twice for a Boolean column if eventArgs.cancel is true
  • T661354 - DataGrid - The rowUpdating event is not raised for all updated rows the first time
  • T663840 - DataGrid - Virtual scrolling works in Chrome only
  • T648744 - DataGrid displays an unnecessary horizontal scrollbar if columnAutoWidth and columnHidingEnabled are set
  • T662699 - DataGrid displays lookup filter row data confusingly when FilterBuilder uses the not-equals filter
  • T666571 - DataGrid freezes rows when a header filter is applied and CustomStore is used
  • T663864 - DataGrid has an incorrect layout after resizing columns with multi-row headers
  • T664260 - DataGrid sometimes scrolls to the top when a user moves a scroll bar to the bottom
  • T657290 - DataGrid that resides in a detail template of another grid does not apply validation rules based on Data Annotations attributes
  • T626875 - DataGrid, TreeList - Initial width of a column with the specified minWidth value can be less than this value when the width value is specified in percents
  • T659816 - DataGrid: clearFilter() does not work properly if filter sync is enabled
  • T644981 - dxDataGrid - A rendering issue occurs on grouping the grid if it uses the virtual scrolling feature
  • T653307 - dxDataGrid - Error row is not shown if the showColumnHeaders option is false
  • T659408 - Filter "Is Not Blank" doesn't work when Filter Builder is enabled
  • T650963 - TabPanel items are not rendered after upgrading to 18.1.4 in a master-detail layout
  • T635192 - The grid does not save changes on pressing Enter in IE 11 and MS Edge in cell editing mode
  • T658011 - The horizontal scroll bar is not responding correctly when the DataGrid container is resized in Chrome
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