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标签:DevExpressJavaScript HTML5移动开发HTML5/JS工业4.0

开发商: DevExpress

当前版本: v20.1.4





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DevExtreme Html Editor
  • T702531 - dxHTMLEditor - Popups have incorrect size in IE11
  • T701588 - dxHTMLEditor does not apply content settings in IE11
DevExtreme Tools
  • T715323 - DevExtreme MVC - ConvertToDevExtremeCommandPackage throws the "Empty path name is not legal" error at the project startup
DevExtreme Data Grid
  • T707313 - DataGrid - A validation error message is hidden behind a fixed column
  • T707084 - DataGrid - The "Cannot read property 'split' of undefined" error occurs if one negative condition is specified in another condition
  • T709033 - DataGrid - The grid's layout is broken after adding columns and group summaries dynamically
  • T709106 - DataGrid - The last column has incorrect width when all columns have "auto" width and columnAutoWidth enabled after upgrade from 17.2 to 18.2
  • T711198 - DataGrid - The repaintChangesOnly option renders each 6's row twice if rowRenderingMode is virtual
  • T710380 - DataGrid - Two clicks are registered to activate save/cancel buttons if a column with the calculateCellValue field is used
  • T708122 - DataGrid - Unselect all is not working with a custom data source
  • T709020 - DataGrid doesn't display a record if it was added using the ArrayStore.push method
  • T708711 - DataGrid expands group rows infinitely if grouping.autoExpandAll is false and the focused row feature is used
  • T708353 - dxDataGrid - Tab key navigation does not work correctly when the showWhenGrouped option is set for a grouped column
  • T708525 - dxDataGrid does not apply grouping when options are changed at runtime
DevExtreme Data Visualization
  • T709427 - dxChart - Value axis zooming is broken if a data source is asynchronous
  • T711457 - TreeMap - Performance is slow when updating labels of a large number of items
DevExtreme Demos
  • T710022 - Scheduler - The appointmentTooltipTemplate function has three parameters in the Adaptive Appointments demo
DevExtreme Scheduler
  • T705883 - Scheduler - Resource grouping cells are misaligned
  • T644386 - Scheduler - The control layout is incorrect in the Edge browser if the crossScrollingEnabled option is used
  • T697037 - Scheduler - The recurrence exception rule has an incorrect value if the Central Time (UTC -06.00) time zone is used
  • T709736 - Scheduler - TimelineMonth view cells have double borders
DevExtreme UI Widgets
  • T636219 - A button displays an ellipsis instead of an icon if the Font Awesome icon v.5 is used
  • T694197 - Autocomplete - Grouped items cannot be shown
  • T710547 - DateBox - The caret position should not change when adjusting a date with up/down arrows if useMaskBehavior is enabled
  • T706292 - DateBox doesn't display an error frame if isValid and validationError are defined on the first load
  • T685238 - DropDownBox does not change/adjust the popup height in accordance with content
  • T673292 - dxList - Touch events do not work in IE and Edge with the Surface Pro 4 device
  • T540032 - dxTabPanel aligns its tabs incorrectly under certain conditions when the panel resides in a detail row template of dxDataGrid
  • T692239 - iOS does not show a date picker popup for the dxDateBox field
  • T710656 - It is difficult to add a custom item to SelectBox
  • T702864 - NumberBox - Format doesn't work if the "fa" culture is used
  • T705263 - RangeSlider does not show a validation message
  • T708199 - SelectBox edit mode - The entered value is lost if the initial value is empty
  • T691665 - TagBox - Selection does not work with grouped DataSource
  • T683047 - TagBox - The customQueryParams option is ignored when ODataStore is used
  • T706179 - Touch Events don't work on desktop touch monitors in Chrome
DevExtreme Core
  • T711875 - ResponsiveBox doesn't render HTML markup defined in the Item component

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